Ideas Down on Paper

Wrote down more ideas on paper, which was a good thing. There’s a  lot of premisses, thoughts, themes, and concepts for me to mull over at a later date. Odds are I will find inspiration in my thoughts as the day progresses. Since I’m having this flow, I’m grateful for the chance to write them down.

Theses ideas feel like incomplete thoughts, as they are raw. A few days I may look back, and find myself revising it all, but now I have a place to work on developing. That reminds me to buy a new notepad. Notepads help me hold the ideas together better. At the very least, the ideas are all in one accessible area.

I will say this about constant writing. I feel empowered, bold, stronger than I was before. I like letting my mind expand and travel to places for results. I love that some ideas had me putting a star by them, and some had me thinking I can’t wait to type these up and see what else I can add. Part of the creative journey is this freedom, and I believe I’m on the right path.

Happy creative endeavors.


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