Another Short Post

Needed a haircut, and that meant getting up early to get it. Not happy about that. I love sleeping as late as possible, but now that I got my cut, I feel so good, and sexy. Fresh cuts will do it. Last night spent time writing out more ideas, and that does me good. I need to keep writing them out while the inspiration lasts. Some of them I see completely working with older ideas, or helping to shape them, so when I finally get the notion to relax from these ideas, or free time, I can elaborate on them more. Got my work cut out for me, but I did want to step up my game.

When I have more time I shall endeavor to write my thoughts out on some real life things that have my attention of late, and keeps a brother feeling like some things are simply rough, ugly, yet worth discussing.

Happy creative endeavors, and stay safe.


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