A Little Progress

While flipping channels, and seeing that Play Misty for Me and Kill Bill Vol 1 (ended up watching Kill Bill), I suddenly had the strong urge to write material for my upcoming serialized story, The Wasteland. Earlier I felt that creative block/stalling that prevented me from writing much of anything. I was disappointed in myself for that. It wasn’t terrible, but it was something I wanted to post yesterday.

What I may do is write a lot of it all out, revise it, then post after I’ve completed all planned eight posts. This will allow me some time to write and revise as needed. While I’d like it to be a little raw, I’m finding I want something more coherent, and consistent in posting. By contrast, I do feel good about the review I posted for Pacific Rim, so I didn’t completely feel like I slacked off.

Last night I had a weird dream, and when I awoke, I kept a mental snapshot of this idea because I thought it would make a good story. I need to add this to the list of material I want to develop into something better or stronger. I need to keep writing and continuing to developing material. If anything, this weekend reminds me about pacing, deadlines (self-imposed, or not), and trying to produce quality material I’m not only happy with, but what I find to be readable/entertaining.

Happy creative endeavors.


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