The Wasteland

Been writing and laughing at life. This is an introductory post. I wanted to work on a simple exercise in fiction writing.  So I’m thinking once a week I should post a piece of this story. I want to see how long I can do this, and I hope to at least post a few paragraphs of it.  In one way it boosts my “keep writing” philosophy. Another is I want to sustain a series for at least eight posts (two month series). So I hope every Friday or Saturday to add a piece of the story. I already started, while trying to get myself together. I need something to eat, and I got me some food ready. Hopefully today will run smoothly. Thanks to my friend, Sara Beach for the title suggestion.

I scribbled down some notes for other stories, and I did have an epiphany for one of my other stories, which in fact feels like would work as the backbone for the treatment I kept struggling to resolve with the acts.  Let me tell you the stop/stall adventures, and the “why isn’t this working” inner monologues were a plenty. When I did write out this section, it was without any cumbersome thoughts. It was a character, and his adventures, then I was like, the character sounds like the one in the treatment. So writing something random payed off.

So now I have a wealth of ideas that feel great to me. The Wasteland is coming. Think of it as a comedy. Nothing too elaborate or  overly complicated. When I have the free time, I’m gonna make sure to work on the treatment with this new perspective. Also have a couple of ideas I jotted down last night and I’m waiting to explore those. Last night’s ideas felt thematic. i was working on addressing certain fears and what they mean now that they’ve manifested. Time will tell how I develop these. I need to give themes to my treatment and whatever else I’m working on.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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