Yesterday I found myself writing out random ideas and enjoying not thinking too deeply about them. I also worked on my treatment, which I don”t like, but I pushed myself to get into act two and write more of it. I feel like I don’t know a thing. Not sure if I like the direction, and that makes me hesitant. Gonna keep writing cause whether I like it or not, it’s written down.

Thought about an online zine. Something reflective of creativity and my own silliness. It’s in the infant stage, but if it keeps me writing, then I will at least keep putting ideas down. I was fortunate that I remembered some concepts that made me laugh out loud, and I jotted them down to not forget them this time around. A lot of the ideas had a surreal/bizarro vibe to them, so I need to write theses stories. At first I’m like these ideas are so odd, who will want to pay them mind, BUT they made me smile, laugh, and think about the concepts, themes, and how to present/produce them. That sounds like a great opportunity to write.

Happy creative endeavors.


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