Nights that End in Headaches

Sometimes a headache arrives, and if you’re like me, you may have thought you could sleep it off. That was the wrong move on my part. As I feel asleep, and thought the headache faded as I dreamed,, it lingered, stayed with me, then decided that when I got up this morning, it should be an active part of my morning. It took some Aleve, and some patience, but it left me, and I am happy. You never miss having a clear day until your head keeps throbbing. I’m glad it’s gone.

So in between getting some of my ideas off my Notes app, and emailed to myself (soon to be placed in a few Word files), my day’s been mellow, which isn’t so bad. Did a little writing, which means I need to add some more. I’ve got to keep up the flow of productivity. This will at least make me feel better about my writing, as I get closer and closer to success, or some for of success. The goal for the rest of the year is to get items out and ready for publishing and production. Gotta keep busy.

Also watched episodes of Law & Order SVU, and Transformers Prime. I like crime shows, they are a weakness for me, and the one drama that I watch on a regular basis. Transformers is really an action/sci-fi show with a darker tone than the original series, and I also love lore. If a series manages to put some lore in the material, then it peeks my interest. That’s not to say I don’t love Transformers in general, and now they have a rich, added layer. I will say this without spoiling much, a lot of the TF lore is tied to Earth, and in itself is fascinating to me.

I have another short story I need to write more on. I need that to have more paragraphs, which requires me to sit and write it. Always something to do, and while I have the free time to do it, I best get it done.

Happy Creative endeavors.


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