So What You Gonna Do With Your Life?

I ask myself the question of “what am I gonna do with my life often.” Sometimes I stumble with this topic, but I always want to be creative, and that leads to my next question; “What am I doing to get to my goal?” Yes, I write, and I write often, so of that there’s no doubt, but am I going somewhere with these stories, screenplays, treatments, poetry, etc.? Do I want my writing to go somewhere? A lot of questions on my mind, and now I need stronger answers.

Near the end of 2012 I told myself that I need to make 2013 my year to achieve things for myself. I think I need to work harder on the next six months before I find myself simply writing more without getting my focus on writing. I feel confident in my skills, and I know the techniques, and exercises, but then it gets a little dry from there. I complete stories, then I let them be when I need to revise and get some of them published, or on their way for publication.

What I’m saying is I’m a bit too complacent in not getting things done. It’s a joy to be creative, and resolve any challenge stories and art can put forth, but I need to get myself motivated to do more work. I have a few things out in the ether, but if I’m gonna consider myself a professional writer, I want to make this my second full time job. Part of that is dropping things that don’t work. So I may need to curb my other activities if I want to get more done. That also means pushing myself to write more when I feel like not writing, or when I think my plot ideas are crap to put them down just the same.

So what am I gonna do with my life? I’m gonna write more, and see my works published. I’m also gonna strive harder, work longer, and avoid all the things that slow me down or constrain me.  Does that mean I’m giving up gaming? Nope. I love it, it’s my go to for relaxing and mind off of things. It doesn’t mean giving up social media or fun things. I do need to set limits as I maximize my writing time. So today I need to close out the treatment (compile the first damn draft), then I need to compile some info i wrote in my notes app.

As always, happy creative endeavors, and strive for better, stronger results from your works.


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