Wednesday Writing

For the past few days I’ve not wanted to wake up early, and I stay up late. By time I’m into the swing of things, I’m active. and I don’t want to sleep. My body’s getting a new sleep pattern. I have to deal with my actions. Did some writing yesterday, but I want to do more.  Doing some research as well. I’m looking to get several of my short stories published, but that can’t happen until I have a plan. So I’m looking at publishers and looking up their websites to see what can learn about them. It’s a process, and I’d love to advance my learning.

Last night I was gaming. What can I say, it was distracting in a positive way. I wanted to immerse myself into fantasy. Speaking of fantasy I was started writing a script  for an RPG. One thing I wanted to consider is the genders and race of several of the characters. With role-playing I want to strike some sort of balance without overreaching. It will take me laying down all of my notes, and looking over them. I have a plot, one bad ass boss character, and I need to make sure to add a fourth team character to the mix. It’s a fun exercise, at least.

Gotta get my move on.  Happy creative endeavors.


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