With Love for Sunday (and Saturday Too)

Sunday has some surprises for me.  First of all this weekend had me coming up with ideas. The first was about trying my hand at writing script for gaming. It’s the infant stages as I plot out this exercise. The characters and situation have that new car feel, and the story contains a mix of absurdity, privilege, criminal activity, and adventure. Gotta keep writing this one. Wanna see where it goes.

A funny thing happened when I tried to complete my treatment yesterday; I couldn’t find the notes where I knew I had some ideas written down. Boy, was I frustrated to no end, and disappointed.  When it came time to type up my notes, it dawned on me I already typed the previous notes from last week. I felt so silly scouring my notepad for them. I did get to merge the to files, so that’s good.  Now I get to work on the second act. All I need to start up is one simple paragraph that’s all.  The rest will flow from there.

Began writing a fairy tale, out of plain fun and boredom. It’s going in my collection of fables and fairy tales. The stories so far have been so rude and odd. They are not for kids, and this is only the second story, but the idea of writing for fun, and knowing I’ll have to rewrite it eventually isn’t a bad prospect. It gave my mind something to do without being heavy. Surprisingly in the tale, I added a great antagonist, who isn’t about putting curses on people, just a down and out witch in search of a good time. So very curious to see where this leads.  This reminds me to work on my fable. It’s been kinda laying around, and I know what happens in the story. I simply need to write it down.

Happy creative endeavors.


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