Up and About

Well I am up earlier than expected. I suspect drinking black iced tea last night has something to do with my rise of awareness. Yesterday was promising. I wrote parts of the summary (or treatment) for a new screenplay. It needs more work, and some pieces are missing, but I came up with some ideas I love and like, so I know I’m moving in the right direction with the story. Gotta keep pushing it forward.

Found myself writing a few lines for the short story that’s supposed to be a love story (but it ain’t).  I had the idea of writing in a less “formal” tone, and one more that lines up with my own humor. I don’t now if this works, but injecting some silly into a much serious story makes me feel that I may be onto something. I hope to loosen up a bit with the prose. For me, its also a chance to experiment and take some of the stringent aspects of the words.

I made a list of the ideas I want to work on/develop, however I’ve seem to misplaced that list. That reminds me to add this info to my notepad, since I realized I had a couple of other things I want to add.  For one, the fable I worked on a while ago needs adding. I let this one simmer in the back of my brain, and I need to get that more on paper.  After all I had a thought of what if this was a screenplay. I want to see that happen.

The erotic stories are still all prose for the moment. I still like the idea of writing a suite of stories to be read. I’m also in love with the idea of the stories having a visual and/or musical component. I have to find a way to make this happen, and work this out. I need a day or two of interrupted writing for that. Namely at my laptop to have that flow. I change my mind a lot, so one never knows. Gonna keep this on the back burner, and simmering. Also I need to dig up some of the handwritten reviews I wrote on films and type the ideas up. I’m always slouching on this, but I really want to do more with the material than let it compile. I also need to post more reviews, which my page has sorely been lacking.

Time to eat something good, and have some green tea. Have a good day peeps, and happy creative endeavors.



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