Breakfast and Tea

NOTE: I started this post yesterday, and realized I couldn’t finish it due to time constrains. Today is another story.

I need both, and shall. For some reason my mind was fruitful yesterday. I was inspired to write a short love story, but I ended up writing something about a man trying to poison a messenger. It’s a real rough-rough draft, as a lot seems to not be there, and need of revising, but writing is rewriting. It’s no longer a love story, unless the love is for poisoning, which opens an avenue for another story. After I wrote it, I thought of Edgar Allan Poe, particularly, “A Cask of Amontillado.” Though Poe’s story  was about getting someone drunk, and exacting a cruel, horrible revenge, I think that dark psychological aspects of the stories kinda mesh. It’s only the beginning of of this story’s evolution. I want to develop this story soon. One step at a time.

Also was inspired to create  a scene for the start of a science fiction/fantasy movie. I quickly wrote the scene down, and will hold onto it, and develop a little later on down the road. Also trying to write out some goals and accomplishments to finish before the end of the year. In spite of trying to go to bed on time, I didn’t wake up in a timely manner.  Took forever to get out of bed, and I forgot to plug my phone in to charge overnight. These are the things that keep me busy.

Happy creative endeavors.


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