Your Whooo-Ha with the Ooooh-wee

Yes, this carries slightly over from the last post.  This is me thinking of an essay on all the crazy, erotic thoughts that run though my head, that somehow abandoned me when it came time to put them in my notebook for stories. Partly-stress, and partly fear.  I want them out of my head so they can stop dry humping my brain at random times. Sometimes its a stupid scene, and I have boo idea of how to place that anywhere. Perhaps like how I wrote my novel, I need to simply write it out.  It will be a hot mess of messes, and it won’t be consistent, but should it be on the first draft?

Needless to say these are short stories, and could work like a suite or two. Perhaps an experiment for me to complete. I feel so guarded sometimes, but I’d LOVE to develop this further. Hell, I’d use a pen name if that would make me feel “safer,” but talking about it now means that the cat’s somewhat outta the bag. I’m willing to bet once I finish the stories they will seem tame (meaning kinky, erotic, sensual, and highly comical), compared to other writings, and I was worried over nothing. For one thing, I will shed my dork persona after composing them. Maybe that’s a topic for a story (“Take me, my dork knight.”)

I’m gonna go grab my notepad, and jot some ideas down. I have all are titles swimming in my head.  Knowing me, there will be stories with some sort of emotional connection or problem the characters must confront/overcome in addition to sex. This is getting all sorts of promising.

Happy creative endeavors.


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