Pressed for Time

How I loathe being pressed for time, yet I was up and about trying to make things happen. Creativity went to a crawl yesterday, BUT I managed to get some some ideas out and committed to. I have yet to tie this treatment together, but again, time constraints and pressures from elsewhere stifle my creativity. I really don’t like that, so tomorrow I’m gonna go slow and work things out like a champ. In this pressing for time, I can tell you that I’ve been working on my future, and that seems odd,but the little things done in these days are like seeds planted for harvest.

I’d love to see myself master the schedule conflicts so I can get on the productive side of life. I also think I’m ready for my couple of days off after two weeks of one day off (BLEH). Time to rise, shine, and deliver. As I was putting things together today, I cam across my hardcopy files of story concepts, proposals/pitches, and random thoughts. I’m glad I typed those out. I’ll have to reread them later. Perhaps during my break I can type up more stuff. If not there’s always after work, provided I don’t do any gaming tonight.  I’ll have to post my simple gaming mis-adventures of being a RPG dwarf. It’s a tad bit silly.

Happy creative endeavors.


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