In Need of a Cool-Down

Had to take my clothes to the laundry, and waited till it was all done.  I am tired, and hot.  This is my one day off this week, and quite frankly I’m a bit tired, hot, and back in my place, hoping to cool down.  I need to make some iced sweet tea, and I realize I have no food for lunch, so this may mean a trip to the grocery store, which I do not want to take, cause I am tired.  I’m even snack-less, as I ate all the chips a while ago.  Dopey me, for not saving some for today.

My schedule is still a hot mess of messes, and I need to get my brain working so that I can at least write something today. Promised to send a couple of emails out that need to be addressed. I also want to work more on the current treatment, I have going on. So far I’ve been relaxing a lot, and finally decided to cook.  Making twice-backed potatoes.  Dunno if I did it right.  I for sure need to get a potato masher, and I think it will taste fine. Sometimes I want the correct tools for the meal.  It’s like trying to make a steak with zero seasonings or knives.

Well off to do what I need to do, before I act more like a sloth today. One day off really doesn’t do it for me. I feel compressed, and to an extent, stressed. Not the way I want to spend my time. This has got to to get better.

Happy creative endeavors, and have a good day.


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