Time, Work With Me

These schedule changes are the worst. I can’t get to sleep like I want to, and my mind’s a mess today. I’m a have to try and get myself together, and get something to eat. Had to get up and purchase some more allergy meds, because I refused to do it last night. Well I also told myself to get up earlier today so that I can have a little more time to get my head together, and nibble on something.  I really want to go back to bed.  Where’s my hot tea? Oh well, gotta do what I gotta do to get things done.  I’ll get used to the new schedule soon, and things will flow.

Writing was minimal I had an idea and I put it in my Notes app, which was a good thing since I wasn’t thinking much of anything else. Once I strike a good balance, I’m sure I’ll get into the swing of things.  I feel like I’m a hot mess of thoughts and ideas I don’t feel relaxed enough to put stuff down on paper. That’s gotta change ASAP! If anything I’m feeling like that chaos will simmer down and I’ll be back to writing.

Happy creative endeavors.


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