The Master has Arrived

Last week had a lot of schedule changes, and my sleep pattern went all to heck with me trying to maintain my sanity. Coffee didn’t help me the way I figured, and that was no good for anyone. I found myself up all night last week, when I was up early that day, and that’s never good for me. I found myself up past 2:00 AM with no sign of sleepiness in my eyes. How I loathe when caffeine works against me. I thought we were friends, coffee. You let me up, and never let me back down.

I’m calling my last draft, the “master,” but it’s far from it. I wanted a draft that I could call real tight, focused and presentable. In a way the master “resets” the draft count back to draft one.  by that I mean once this is read over, I’m sure I’ll have to make some revisions. I don’t mind it at all.  It’s par for the course. I pushed myself pretty far, and sometimes to get the extra oomph, I think a little kick is needed.

Went on to writing up a new idea I wanted for a screenplay, but it has an episodic type of feel, and that means looking at it more as a TV series, or perhaps a comic book that would allow me to explore the ideas. I woke up and kept adding ideas, so I don’t know where this will lead to, but I’m gonna keep writing it until I run out of ideas to put in there.  CLearly there’s a story arc for the protagonist. I’m thinking of a sub story for several of the other characters because it will be fun.

This means I need to work on another concept, because I’d like to get another screenplay into motion. Well time to get onto concepts, and keep things moving.  In the background, I’m playing/watching parts of Clash of the Titans. The 1980s version, which is the best version, in my opinion. It is a Harryhausen classing, and sadly Ray Harryhausen passed away. The man had magic he brought to his creature effects for films.  Clash of the Titans being one of those films.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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