New Project

Beginning the infant stage of a new screenplay. Have some characters to sift through, and jotted down plenty of plot ideas.  It’s in the science fiction genre, and I found myself watching a lot of sci-fi this weekend. So now I have a lot things in my head to influence and inspire me in a good way.

Now to get the ideas to “gel” and me write down at least a paragraph of plot. Looking for the right character to identify with and make the protagonist. I love this process as it is a challenge. I’ll brainstorm much more and I hope to get some ideas to jot down later. My brain is still mellow. Nibbling on food hasn’t changed my perspective yet.

Did write down a random idea for later. It went into a notepad, and I have to look at it later.  Don’t know where this one’s going, but that’s why it gets to “rest.” I did find some old concepts in my Pages app, I need to review. I saw chapters from my novel in the Pages folder. I really LOVED that.  It reminds me to clean it up. I need to address my poor neglected novel sometime soon.

Happy creative endeavors.


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