Adventures in Reading and Writing

Yesterday I spent time at the auto shop getting my brakes fixed. It seemed to take FOREVER, and I was glad when it was completed. My car has one less problem. I did have time to read, and finished the final chapters of Gun Machine, so it wasn’t a total loss of time sitting.  I also managed to rewrite a scene for my screenplay. By time I got home, (after buying grocery), I was too tired to place the rewrites in the script. I took a nap, and watched a few movies.

Peeped Prometheus again. I called myself a masochist cause I didn’t understand a thing the first go round.  A friend showed me an essay that had some good points about the film, in spite of the execution in the film. I have to say those are some of the dumbest scientists I’ve ever seen on film. It’s a good looking film though.

I also watched Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer.  It was on, and I was curious. I love a little absurdity in my films from time to time, so I enjoyed it. While it seemed more simplistic, and silly, I think contrasted with Prometheus, it was a great, enjoyable film.  Some fancy action scenes. I wasn’t put off by the film. It for sure gets a second view so I can learn a little more.

So today I got to rewriting the scene, and cutting and pasting the lines I typed via my notes and pages apps. It was a matter of sitting down, and typing, even though I needed to eat breakfast, and get some things together.  It’s all completed, saved, and ready for a “cool down” period. I think at this point what I need to do is scour for typos. If anything I need it to have all the words correct. I still have some older concepts I’d like to dust off.  I need another day to relax and get it all done.  I feel good though, and that’s something I feel is worth mentioning.

Happy creative endeavors.


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