Early, Early, Early

Up and about early, which I see as a good thing. Put out some garbage that outstayed it’s welcome, and that was part of cleaning out a fridge that I felt needs a hardcore cleaning. If it wasn’t edible, or going to be eaten soon, it went in the trash. More than satisfied with getting up early to squash that. Been doing some revisions of late. Draft four of the screenplay is 95% done. Based on a suggestion, I’m rewriting a scene in the third act, and I should get on that today, so the draft is d-o-n-e.

Not much other writing done yesterday minus writing down a note or two. I did a mix of relaxing and meeting a friend. It was good to get out of my place. Not that I’m not out and about at work, but day off, meet a friend is excellent.  Also had to restock on allergy/congestion meds, which is a godsend. It’s expensive, but I need it to work for me. I’m gonna have to visit the doctor soon, to see if I can deal with this congestion with something stronger. I think also cleaning my place helps out a lot, and having an air purifier helps tremendously.

I should put some effort into some other ideas, as I made a list a few days ago of potential screenplays to work on. I’m willing to set aside some time to write out some “what if” situations/brainstorm to keep my mind moving towards creating things. I do have some ideas in the back of my mind.  I did think greatly on turning the horror short story I worked on into a full scrip, since I seem very interested in not letting it go. Speaking of horror, I watched this week’s episode of Hannibal yesterday via Hulu. The show’s compelling and gruesome. I can’t stop watching and wanting to tune in for another episode. I have to say, it scares me, and at the same time it intrigues me. I must say the food on this show. So unsettling. Who doesn’t Hannibal have over for dinner. So I’m squeamish and frightened. It’s teaching me a few things about the genre, and my own comfort levels.

Happy creative endeavors.


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