Thursday Ain’t So Bad

Yesterday I woke up late, and I knew from then my whole game would be off, and it was. I was so behind, and I felt so messed up. My writing, eating, and thinking for the whole day was off. By time I got to eat my dinner I was feeling sluggish, tired, and my stomach was upset. Later I had to take some Tums, which I don’t think went well with my congestion meds. So glad that yesterday is over. Today threatened to be more of the same as I woke up early and drifted back to sleep. I almost wish I got up and went to sleep on the couch. It wasn’t needed.  I look forward to this day because I know it’s by far better than yesterday.  It’s a great blessing to feel like I can improve myself and the day.

Did some writing/brainstorming yesterday, and jotted them down in my notepad.  So in spite of the meh feeling, I got myself to do some good. Did also put down some essays via pen and paper, which always feels like I’m doing something. Reviewed some essays I penned, and hope they go somewhere.  Must type them up soon.

Happy creative endeavors.


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