Draft Three Completed

Oh yeah, I completed draft three late last night while having the TV on, and not knowing what I watched. I just know I typed out the corrections based on the notes I wrote on the pages. Do I feel good? Yes, I do. I really wanted to work on this and keep my sanity. I found it easier to revise, and likely draft four will get easier. At least that’s what I hope.

Going to let draft three have some “cool down” time before I give it a second go. Also having a second pair of eyes read it and give me some feedback, so a fresh perspective.  So far I know a few great things. It made the reader laugh out loud on first draft. I didn’t change the story, only clarified descriptions/scenes, and added, revised dialogue.  So the things that could make one laugh is still in the screenplay.

I’m also going to look at other concepts I wrote down and want to develop as screenplays. At least I want to start on an outline for the materials. The way I see it is, why rest when I can work on other projects.  The mental “divorce” from the 3rd draft will also do me some good. I do have some ideas for other genres, such as science-fiction, thrillers, comedies, action, and fantasy. So, at this point I need to make sure I shape up a few of these concepts.

Happy creative endeavors.


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