Friday Means Chilling

This Friday I get to goof off and relax a little. As posted yesterday, I finished the second draft of my screenplay, and it was a happy moment in my day. I went into hand editing the second draft up to page fifty. Will type the corrections soon. I feel I need some game time and some hot tea to sip. Didn’t feel any other creative urges yesterday, not that my plate wan’t full with revisions. I dunno if I need a recharge, or an unplug from all the crap the week tends to throw my way. I should have fun as well.

I need to pick a few movies and wolf them down, visually, of course. Today’s been me watching some news, scenes from soap operas (my guilty pleasure), and loafing about. Decided I did need some music as I typed. Picked Toni Braxton (I love the songs from her Secrets CD).

Looking around, and I know sometime today I have to clean this living room.  It needs some order, and the chaos is too dominant.  Also need to make up my bed. Yes, it’s been that kind of lazy day. Somehow this is all fuel for my creativity. The fact that I need a “turn off” point seems to enhance my sense of creativity.  That’s happened in the past.

Been having weird dreams where I make commentary on my life in them. Like why some dreams are bitter or bittersweet. I never thought about it until I had that dream. Also weird sexy dreams came up. I said weird cause they seemed to come from nowhere and I was having all this bitter stuff going on in my head. So maybe bitter and sex should not be in the same sentence, but here they are, in this big ole empty room, staring each other down.  LMAO I just abused some Prince lyrics/songs. Please forgive this bastardization of them (“Do Me, Baby” ). I just imagined a story called “Do Me While I Have My Lows.” It’s gonna be pretty ugly and laughable. I haven’t forgotten the horror story either.

I did, a few days back, write some characters for a satire set in a space opera vein. I think it would make a good TV show, so I have to get to working on this soon.  This doesn’t mean I forgot about the story I wrote out parts of the plot out last week.  I have look at what I typed.  So there are things for me to be creative about.

Happy creative endeavors.


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