Sincerely Sleepy

Taking the time to write at this moment, as I suspect a nap is in my future.  Up way too early, and that means doing some early morning revisions on the screenplay.  I stopped revising at page 80, and plan to do at least 3-5 more pages, then some rest of my free time relaxing. Splurged a little and bought myself an iced latte yesterday.  Why did I do that? I hadn’t had them in a while, and in spite of drinking plenty of water before and AFTER the tall (not the venti) cup, I felt the buzz. The only way to feel good about being awake is to write something.

I did spend last night handwriting out some dialogue, which I now hate, and that means it needs several revisions to be up to par.  I did have an idea for a good line, but at the time was unable to put it on paper due to interruptions. Fortunately, the idea stayed in my head, and as I’m about to get to writing, I can update that page. Stuff to do, gotta get it done, and nibble on something along the way.

Happy creative endeavors.


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