Headaches are Way Too Common

Big fat boo to my headache, and to my television for being more annoying than entertaining right now. I may need to put in a movie and forget about any chance of watching any television good shows. I need to write, and that means sitting down, and also the fact that I feel like a mess really gets in the way of me being productive.  I have to change my mindset so this is me attempting to do what needs to be done, and write.

Took out the ole pen and paper for a few days, and got things done for the past few days.  Some of it was jotting down ideas, and a small journal post to get my brain flowing. I jotted down ideas for stories, pieces of dialogue, and looked over my screenplay for adding some notes. Had not looked at the horror story I as working on for some time, even though i typed out three pages. I need to get back on top of that soon.  Since I hand wrote out parts of the original story, I need to look over that since there’s some good passages there, and I have that with me.

My printer’s being difficult, as the heads won’t clean, and puts ink all over the paper. I know that’s not what I want to deal with right now. Also reading Gun Machine by Warren Ellis.  It’s a police procedural novel, filled with some drop dead hilarious descriptions and dialogue.  I hope to finish it soon, so that’s all I’ll give away about the novel. I do want to finish it soon. Now that I’m somewhat in working order (my headache fades away), I’m, hoping to get five pages of screenplay revised.   Also I need to drink some more water.

Happy creative endeavors.


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