So Many Ideas

It’s never too many ideas, but I have a few running through my head right now.  Needed to get errands done, but woke to some serious neck pain, and needed to get myself together before I get my progress on.  Upon returning home, it was time for a meal, and my ideas kept running through my head. So after I finish the post, I’m jotting them down.  Had to turn off the television, and it’s not necessarily because of all the horrible news that’s been going on this week. My heart goes out to a lot of people as tragedies seem to be in spades this week.  I simply need something to do, and I know I can’t think if I’m focused on TV, which I was. Sometimes I won’t write if my focus goes elsewhere.

Speaking of TV, I’m loving the new Hannibal series on NBC. I’m already behind, but got to see the first episode. Very cinematic and creative.  I’m kinda seduced by it’s elegance, psychology, and darkness. I hope to see the second and third episodes soon. NBC has the fist and second episode on their website last I checked.  I’ll save that for later.  So not to let my thought’s escape, I’m off to jot them down, then work on my screenplay revisions.

Happy creative endeavors.


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