I Need Coffee, Tea, or a Nap

Woke up earlier than expected, and I’m a little shocked. Decided the garbage should go to the dumpster, and that was that. I waited too long to be rid of all of that, but it’s gone.  Now at this laptop contemplating if I can stay awake, or if I will simply go back to sleep.  Why not get a little writing in before then, and perhaps an errand or two.  I only require five typed pages of revisions due to my semi-go back to sleep state. The revisions are written on the paper, so that makes it a lot easier.

Been spending time asking myself questions about the description of scenes, and revising slug lines as well as dialog.  It’s all for clarity’s sake, and I feel some scene do need elaboration. The spine is there, but I need to add the meat, so to speak. I’ve also been reminding myself not to go too far into perfectionism. That’s making too many adjustments. I thought of another concept for the story, but decided to finish what’s in front of me. I think if I push too far I’m going to overwrite it.Then I go from clarity to indulgent.

Yesterday I wrote out more ideas for a supernatural based story because I was inspired to at least jot down some of the characters. The characters don’t even have names yet, just who they are, and what’s happened to them. So they now have a little background for me to contemplate. Also spent yesterday writing a silly song, hoping to cheer someone up, which it did.  Sometimes silliness is the best medicine, or least it gets you past some real blah moments in life.  So, kudos to those who have a few smiles and laughs in the course of a day. This reminds me to sometimes put my pen and paper down to enjoy being silly or at least incorporate elements of silly into my creativity.

Picked up my sketchbook again, since I was doodling in my notebook.  Was like some of these drawings aren’t up to par, and I’m very rusty, BUT I like the idea of me drawing something.  Call it a creative boon, and I’m grateful for it.  I had the sketchbook and pencils for a while and I wanted to use them, BUT held off.  Wasn’t feeling the drawing for a long while, and then it hit me.  Glad I did wait. As I looked at the price tag on the items, I’m reminded that archival material is expensive.  Should go look at some artistic references soon to get more inspired and back into the flow of art.

Happy creative endeavors.


2 thoughts on “I Need Coffee, Tea, or a Nap

    • Hello,

      Thanks for posting.

      I didn’t get my nap, but I did double the pages I revised. I got a feeling I’m going to seep well tonight.

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