Gathering Thoughts

I forgot to take my allergy meds two days in a row, and pollen is everywhere. My days feel a bit rushed, mushed, and tiring. For the record I didn’t forget today, and I’m up earlier than I have been in the past few days. Typically haven’t been getting enough sleep, or at least I felt like that. My mind has Final Fantasy XIII music playing, which isn’t a bad thing.  It reminds me to play the game some more.  I miss Lightning’s anger.  Also I heard there’s a third installment in Lightning’s story. I’m guessing those who read my posts know I love gaming, and it influences me.

Speaking of influences, I did do some research into genre, and I know that I need more info.  Tried to see if there were some current books on the material, and that answer is no.  That’s a bit sad to me.  This reminds me to double check all my cinema studies books for more details. I feel I get stronger answers there, BUT I wanted to branch out, and noticed the genre books at the library were horribly out of date.  Time to request some genre theory books. Also need to look at my own books on genre and theory to see if they have updated versions I can purchase.  I’m all nerdy and stuff sometimes.  LOL

Yesterday, on my way out the door, I found myself inspired to write dialog for an important scene  in my screenplay. I wrote it out on a scrap piece of paper, but I don’t like what I wrote.  It does put a fine cap on closing a relationship that I now feel has a lot more impact and meaning to the characters. They really needed this conversation and closure. As always, the dialogue needs a few rewrites to really, really shine. I wish it were as easy as one pass at perfection, but where would the challenge be?

Also have some ideas for a mixed genre story I’ve been working on in bits and pieces.  Need to consolidate my notes, and I find even the notes are mutating as I try to make the story a bit more coherent. As I wrote before studying horror and psychological thrillers/horrors influenced my ideas and concepts, so the characters feel a bit different to me.  Somewhat scary concepts, but I like the idea that I pushed myself past making characters who appeared a little to perfect from the get go. Then again, the fist go round is only a first pass. Also it’s still on the back burner.

Happy creative endeavors.


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