The Ironic Slacker

Well on Saturday I made some coffee, and boy was it strong.  Too strong. Found myself up early (5:00 AM-ish ), and instead of mixing about in bed, I decided to get up and clean my apartment.  Threw a lot of junk away, hung up clothes, and did some revisions to the screenplay.  Decided that I’d take a nap at 9:00 AM, which I did and I woke up at 11:30 AM. Needless to say I felt like a machine. I was glad to get some sleep. I think I’ll have tea today.

Later in the day, I Did more hand-redits to the paper version of the script, and I then I let the whole thing rest.  May get 5-7 pages of typed revisions today. So long as I keep up the momentum. I need for this to flow, but I need to pace myself. Also kicking myself because I thought of a line for the closing scene, didn’t write it down, then remembered it later.  Now it’s clear in my head again  so I need to put it down.

Did some research on thrillers and psychological horror.  I realized after attempting to write a short story based on the genre that I need a little more information. I revisited this story yesterday and I realized that I need to write more on it.  I also can skip the first part of the story I did write, or find a way to incorporate it into the tension the story builds.  This is truly a challenge, ad I don’t know how to pull that off, but figuring it out is what the challenge is all about.  Also been watching thrillers. I’ll discuss them in a later post as I get more thoughts together.

Happy creative endeavors.



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