Wake Up and Smell the Coffee (or Tea)

This Wednesday, like all the days before it are a little rough on me.  I’ve been getting up late, and wanting to go right back to sleep. It’s something of a trial, and it takes a while before I get myself together.  I am not together at all. Somehow this blog post was one of the things I’m managing in spit of feeling like I can go back to bed.  I hope this Earl Gray tea has some kick to it.

Last night was fairly well.  After another pass on the hand-editing for the screenplay. All I see are pen and pencil marks.  I haven’t even brought out the highlighter yet so it’s gonna get another pass, but I love that I’m keeping up with this. Even later (which may explain my lack of good morning-ness) I typed up several of the corrections (got to page ten, then I knew it was time to put on the brakes). One of the things that feels great about revisions is that I can make them sooner rather than later.  Some of the on computer corrections were simple, like eliminating typos, changing a word, or phrases.  Others were a bit more complex, like adding more details, adjusting scenes, and dialog. Just gotta keep pushing forward until it’s done.

I was thinking of my other stories, and I’d LOVE to give them the treatment I’m giving the screenplay.  As I saved my files last night, I stumbled upon a concept I created a while ago that I typed out a proposal for.  It was nice to see it.  I wrote additional notes on it so I need to find a time to add the handwritten notes to the proposal page.  I’m gonna be busy.

Happy creative endeavors.


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