Can’t Get it Together

Again, slept late and I am tired. I need to go to bed earlier than I do. I feel like a mess and that’s not good. I really feel drained and my mind’s not functioning.

I’d like to say I did more writing in volumes, but I didn’t. I wrote a note for a character right before bed. It’s for a story I have on the back burner, and its on my mind now in regards to adding more to the backstory.

Have ideas for the psychological horror short story and a revision of the introduction. In hindsight, looking back at the text, I can say half of it is backstory. The story doesn’t start until later. So it’s true that one does write a gang of stuff and then its not relevant to the story. I feel like I need more from it.

Hopefully soon my mind will be ready to get to business. Writing isn’t a drag, I am.

Happy creative endeavors.


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