Weekend Bliss

This weekend is a mixed bag of goodness as I tried to get my budget and bills handled.  Not very pretty, but it was resolved in the end.  It’s that stress that gnaws at the back of the mind and seeps into everything. It makes the days less fun, and less creative. By some paradox, it also serves to remind me to keep pressing myself just the same.

That didn’t stop me from resting, and watching a few movies.  One of them was Prometheus, a space thriller.  It’s also the prequel to Alien of sort. Very disappointing especially in the third act. Before I go into greater details, I’ll have to see it again.  Perhaps there’s something I missed. Was poised to watch Hunger Games, which I also haven’t seen, but I’ll have to save that one for later.  Would like to watch that too.

As far as my own writing, a few things happened as I rested. I got a lot of ideas for different stories, and a few I already worked on I attempted to write out a concept page.  For one of them, it needs a lot more on the page. Not enough writing, and at this point I’ll accept bad writing so long as I get things down on paper. Jotted a few concepts down, and while researching the genre of thrillers and psychological horror, it seems to inform my own stories/concepts.  Right before bed I wore out a scene for a story. It needs to be clarified, but at least I committed it to screen.

The screenplay:  I got the grammar check I intended to do completed, so now I have a screenplay full of red marks.  The next step is to make the corrections in type. I also added in some formatting changes I needed to do as I hand edited. Looked up a few formatting tips such as flashbacks, split screens, and off screen voices.  I need to fix a few phone conversations. I like the split screen format a little better.  So much to do.  If I do at least five pages of corrections today, then I feel like I’m moving in the right direction.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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