Keep Moving

As stated yesterday I wrote for my short story (psychological horror) and I owed myself seven pages of my screenplay (comedy-horror). I did both with much success. I got to a point where I wrote more of the short story than I bargained for. It was 100% worth it, as I thought of different concepts, and wrote one of them onto the page.  So instead of the one typed out page, I had three.  I was pleased.

The best part of the day was the screenplay.  After putting off due to nerves, I essentially made myself sit down and start to typing.  I pushed myself until it was time to get ready for work. What I did is work up until the last few scenes. I was so excited.  At work I couldn’t type the final scenes, so I took a scrap piece of paper and bullet pointed the finals scenes. When i got home, I typed it out.  My first draft of my screenplay is completed!!!

So now comes the revisions. The first run through the script is strictly about catching the grammar mistakes.  The second will be to address the formatting mistakes, and so forth.  I’m more than positive I’ll have a second draft soon by keeping up the momentum.  I can’t tell you how good it feels to have a project have a life.  The first draft is the start, but I feel this completion brings forth a lot of good energy my way. it can only propel goodness and positivity throughout. I needed some good, positive energy in my life. I’m more than hopeful. I’m on the path to successful.

This is but one project, so I need to work on more things, like the screenplay, more short stories, revising my novel from last year’s NaNoWriMo. A few concepts I put down in my notes.  Life isn’t perfect, but things look and feel a little brighter and stronger.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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