Knowledge is Power

II tried to write out today’s post yesterday, but I failed.  Will save that for later, or have two posts for today. One of my brothers reminded me of something that’s good, and I’m paraphrasing here, which is that knowledge is power. If you have even an inkling, there’s no limit to the amazing things you can do. I’m amazed and pleased to think of the potential.  Of course the goal is to act upon such knowledge with dedication and a bit of finesse. I need to remind myself of this as I get myself together.

I’ve been looking up psychological horror/thrillers with my various cinema and genre books, so I can have a better understanding of the genre. I see a lot of films out there that deal in the genre, and I hope to get a chance to peep them.  At the very least I have a few in my own collection (Black Swan anyone). Some label Inception as a psychological thriller (I daresay genres overlap in this film). I can tell you that it’s also part of some video games, like Alice: Madness Returns.  From a look, I can say that the heart of the genre provoked deep psychological disturbances. Visually there’s a lot to be disturbed by. Playing Alice, I notice a lot of blood and blood stains. Alice has a bow with a skull as the pin.  Elements of the macabre and grotesque appear. It enhances the feel, and disturbs.

At the very least I’d say the here taps deep into the psyche, and provokes, fear, unbalances the viewer (and the protagonist), as well as creates a compelling image/story. I daresay a lot of films overlap in these elements. It reminds me of Southern Gothic writers, who also deal with the grotesque and macabre.  One distinct aspect of Southern Gothic is that it does tend to put the focus on class, race, and the southern culture. Notice some of these endings are so compellingly not (always) happy endings. Maybe they shouldn’t be. Not every story can end up happy or wrapped to neatly. Been reading on Southern Gothic literature as well.


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