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Last night I managed to correct the formatting for a scene in my script that called for an intercut. Sometimes trying to figure out these things rack my brain, and I was like, look it up. I found some good information, and used it to format my scene properly.Pretty happy about that. Also added two more pages last night. I told myself if I have to do two pages a night this week, then I will. This will get me set to do ten more pages this weekend, which I’m happy to make progress. I’m surprised at myself. I have a chance to improvise a scene or two and I kind  of wimped out.  That’s not me at all.

I need to get myself back into the frame of mind, and I suspect if I keep doing this for like two pages a a day, that I will seen screenwriting as a regular activity, and will want to keep at it. That’s the goal anyways. I have to keep the flow, or face falling into a nasty rut with this script angain.  I want to see it completed  and me moving onto other scripts.  That’s not to say I’ll stop writing short stories, noveles, writing, blogging. I want to put more energy into my scripts.

As always, happy creative endeavors to all.


5 thoughts on “Keep Writing

  1. I know how you feel. I stopped writing my novel a few weeks ago and I just haven’t been able to get back into it yet. I’m very jealous that you’re able to write screenplays, I would love to write a script someday but I’d have no idea where to start!

    • Thanks for commenting. I hope you get back into your novel. It’s hard to get back, but I forced myself. Also family and friends ask me, “how’s the script going.” I want to say I’m making progress. Piece by piece seems the best way how.

      There’s a book called Crafty Screenwriting that may help. Also the book, Your Screenplay Sucks is good for making editing and revisions if you’re interested in learning screenplays.

      • Thank you so much! I will look them up! I am in the middle of my series at the moment so will be focussing on that for a long time yet, but once that’s done I would love to try something new like that.

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