Where did the time go? I feel like a hot mess when all the time seems to fly by.  Spent too much time sleeping, and not enough writing. Had a few more “joke” posts to develop, but I failed to work on them.  Just managed to get a bite to eat, take my allergy meds, and get my work clothes ready.  Did managed to write a couple of pages of script last night, which is a step in the right direction. I told a sibling if I had to do two pages a day, I’d do that. It shall be done by this weekend.  At least that’t my goal. I need this done.  It’s long overdue for it’s completion.

One thing I did do in addition to the two pages is look over my outline, and see how far I cam, and how to resolve the end. By all rights’ I hit act three, and to me that means I’m in completion for the first draft! So I need to let that momentum flow.  If I have ideas tonight, I need to jot them down in a notepad.

Also found myself writing out a scene that was in my head of a fantasy story. I needed to get it out (pen and paper).  Don’t know when I will transcribe it, but I have a few more ideas on the goals of this story I came up with before I typed this post. When I first wrote the parts of the story out, I had no idea about the direction I was heading. I *do* know that I can hear one character’s voice clearly, and I have to add a few more characters.

Happy creative endeavors, all.


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