Get My Head Back In the Game

I really need to buckle down and get twenty pages of script done this upcoming weekend. Why? I need it done so that I can start to work on the next one. I feel positive about my ambitions for this project because it needs to be done.  I want to pass this one on.  Also looking to polish another screenplay I finished a while ago.  I know I can make the dialog more fresh and appealing, and work out some logical points I have in this other screenplay.  So this is ambitious weekend, and I hope to keep up the momentum.

Cooking as well.  In my crock pot is speckled butter beans.  Gonna keep this flavor real easy and southern. Using smoked pork neck bones, salt, peper, onions, a little olive oil, and a pat of butter.  Will let this slow cook until perfection.  Making the rice won’t take long, and that’s my dinner for today.  In hindsight maybe I could have put this meal on last night to wake to it this morning, but why force it.

Making an even simpler breakfast: penut butter sandwich.

Happy creative endeavors.


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