When Do I Read More

Well in the midst of doing other things I have a goofy idea I label as stupid, but I never dismiss it entirely. Why? Well whose to say its not fun, and I love humorous tales. Later in the day I put a title and a name to this character. Needless to say I jutted it down quickly. Now I have a concept to put on the list that may be worth exploring in the near future.

Also had another idea about a short fantasy-action story. Part of me thinks its all action. Part of me think its partly love. Not sure, but I need to write it out and see what happens. I love improvising a bit so lets hope I make time for this story too.

Also loving the idea that I am taking the time to blog about this. Writing helps me resolves my thoughts to an extent. This hopefully means I’ll pick up reading tonight. Added Dragon Age novels to the reading. So that will make things a bit more spicier.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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