It’s Wednesday, and I failed to do much writing when I got up this morning.  I reminded myself as I also failed to drink a couple bottles of water, that i need to at least put the effort forward.  I admit I’m feeling like getting something to eat, and laying back down. Not sure why I have this blah feeling, however, getting though the day is not a dark chore or burden.. It is my life.  I need to improve my outlook.  If it starts with a blog post, then by all means, I’m sitting down to type and post one.

Yesterday wasn’t so fabulous, but it wasn’t supposed to be.  it was a simple day with me getting things done, and keeping it moving. The weather was sunny and warm, and I enjoyed it, while at the same time dreading this taste of spring.  Pollen is everywhere. In spite of rain, all I see are cars covered in pollen.  My own car has pollen over it. It takes the fun right out of warm weather.  This morning is someone chilled. Too cold.  Haven’t opened the doors yet, and I kinda don’t want to.  Soon er or later, I’m stepping out of my home, and braving the elements.

Should have read yesterday, but I was working on an assignment, and doing a tad bit more research into random things. This always reminds me that even when I don’t write, I like to keep my mind informed and work on things.  I think as people, we move in directions that bring us closer to goals in spite of perceived upsets. So the silver linings in or lives are sometimes hidden, but never really out of reach. So take that meh and blah energy.

Happy creative endeavors.


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