Mornings are Rough Sometimes

I’m writing this post in pieces.  Sort of like a puzzle box. My mind’s racing between errands I should have done already, me awakening late, and the daily grind that is all our lives. My love of writing, however needs to win out more and more. If putting forward a piece that takes longer time than usual, then I’m down for it. I need to change the energy that’s going.  Between Daylight Savings Time, which does it’s own best to make my days a bit rough, schedule variations, and my own personal resolve to do better, there’s a lot on my mind that needs to get done.

I had one of those nights where I woke up early, and couldn’t go back to sleep until around 8:40 AM-ish. Booo to that.  Can’t stay in bed forever, so its time to get up and get things done.  Lining a few things up, like breakfast, writing, and looking decent, when I really don’t feel like having energy.  Still, gotta taste the morning and do what needs to be done. Thinking of a watching a movie or two today, if I can get my act together.  If not, there’s later.  Was trying to catch some news, then maybe I can get a piece of the movie.

Late last night, while awake, I remembered that I was working on a supernatural story I only wrote out a few lines for and named the characters. The idea/story makes a little more sense after I came to the realization that it was similar to another idea I put in my Notes app. ASIDE: last week I was combing through all the notes, and reminded myself to commit several of the ideas to paper, or write a reminder in my notebook.

There’s coverage and the verdict of a trail on CNN about two young men convicted of rape. It’s caught my attention as well. I do like listening/learning about the law. Sincerely, I do like that crimes are punished, and hope the young woman in this case can recover from her ordeal.

I don’t think my mind will work until I get my head in the game.  After a bottle of water, I can have some hot tea. As always, happy creative endeavors.

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