One of Those Weeks

The week’s been made of changes.  Daylight Savings Time struck, my work schedule changed, and my sleep pattern when all to haywire.  Writing nearly came to a complete stop, as I thought about ways to improve my days and life. What I need the most is an outlook improvement, while also trying to recover from the heady workweek that makes my day off all about relaxing.  I think what I needed to do is eat (which is what I did after writing half of this post). I do feel better. Need to drink more water.

Plotting out tomorrow’s meal, which is chili and cornbread, which I have the ingredients to make. Writing’s been slower than slow, but at least I took out the notepad and wrote some ideas down. Not keen about feeling meh, but I told myself that in spite of it, I’m writing more. Also it’s warm.  Yesterday it was cold, today was good and make me sweat kinda day.

Did get some research in this week, which consisted of me reading articles, and less reading my regular books. It’s all good.  Now that my schedule’s going back to what I know, I think the reading’s back to full steam ahead.  Thinking of adding some more readings to my list.  These aren’t e-books, they’re books I have around my place. This should prove interesting, as I know what I want to look at, and what I may end up reading.  More on this after I pick these books up for some late night reading.

I should mention the other day Ghost Rider 2 was on. I managed to not watch it, and fall asleep to it, which to me is not a loss at all.  Likewise I watched Krull last night, and I found that time has not been kind to it, or my point of view for this film. Kinda simplistic, and bad at the same time, but a cool stop-motion spider in there. I loves me some old school stop-motion mosters. In regards to TV shows, I’ve been watching the anime Soul Eater of Netflix. It has a few seasons, so on the weekend I wind up watching several episodes.

Tonight is Grimm night, and I intend to watch it. Haven’t made my mind up about this series in the sense that do I really like it.  I really want a distraction on a Friday, and it fills the need.  I should write about the lack of fun things on TV during Fridays. It’s sincerely, and dreadfully boring unless I go to Netflix.


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