The Short Post

I need to write something ASAP! For me it’s about getting a post done, and keeping up with posting. I’m under some time constraints, but I know I can get this done. Wrote out a few ideas yesterday. It helped me “see” more of a project. I got a good feeling about this latest material. I’m on the right track, even if I have to put it down for a while to cool off. It’s got something I can really get into.

Had an inkling to look up southern writers, as I am one myself. I did wonder how much of my own background goes into the material. I really want to inject both southern and Black culture in some of my stories. Why? I said this before, which was I’d like to see more people of color in films, particularly sci-fi/fantasy, action, and drama.  All of which I love. Sometimes when I feel a need to see something, it may be upon me to take on the task. I realize a lot of writing can turn political, but this isn’t politics. I will say that having experiences does empower and inform my creative expressions. Even further I take pride in myself, my background, and culture. We cannot change where we came from, or our experiences. It makes me excited for the potential stories..

Will keep jotting down more ideas and thoughts as they push me towards development. I really want to see some completed projects that I can at least say, “I got that first draft done,” again.  With some of the projects being more ambitious than others, I want to realize my potential.

Happy creative endeavors.


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