Smooth Sunday

Trying to get myself together, which only makes sense cause I woke up early.  Also trying not to repeat what I wrote on my personal blog.  Needless to say I ordered beef and broccoli and ate some for brunch. It’s the second time this week I had it, and I’m not unhappy about that decision.

Need to write more, and I always say that. Took to pen and paper to write out a lot of things, so I’m not 100% slacking off. I simply need to do more of it.  Also grabbed some of my older typed notes to check out what I was working on.  That material seems “fresh” now, so I better get on top of that too.  I’ve worked more on cinema-based essays and that does require me to re-watch the films.

Speaking of re-watching, my movie watching went to minimal last week, and I feel that’s a shame. I need to get back on top of that too.  Even if it’s just a watching parts of a film I have to spread out over a few days. Part of the joys of life is film watching.

On the guilty side I did play some video games, which helped relax me a bit.  I needed that. I’d play now, but I’m getting my tea and movie on.


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