Last Night

Last night I was dealing with some drama, and no this drama did not ruin my night. In true fashion I sat down and wrote out some jokes about the drama.  Suddenly I was on a rip, and it was funny as hell to laugh at something with such damning energy focused on me. This made me think, why not write more jokes on stuff that really deserves mocking, and less of any other emotion devotion.  So hopefully, by the end of the week, I should have a gang of jokes to laugh at, and possibly used in my writings. I live for humor and making more smiles and less frowns. So suck it, frowns!!!

Been rather lazy this morning.  Not on top of my game.  hadn’t had a sigle bottle of water, and that has got to change.  At least I took my allergy meds, and will need some water when I take my vitamins. I did get my clothes ready for work, so at least I don’t have to worry about that. Didn’t write much today, except for this blog post, but I have a feeling more jokes are on the way. I simply want to motivate and maximise my humor and keep the ideas flowing. I don’t know if they are all funny, BUT it’s keeping me typing, and I smile a lot more.

Happy creative endeavors.



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