This is how I know 2013 is off to a great start. I got bored, and started writing a short story.  I needed to preoccupy myself as the network went down, and I was left sitting there.  I was in front of a computer, and Word worked on it. Of course, before I went to work, I thought of this line, and quickly jotted it into my Notes app as my car warmed up. I expected to take address this sometime later, but the opportunity presented itself. I wrote out six pages. Mind you, I know it’s going to need some editing/revising, and I already made some mental notes, as the story’s not done yet. I didn’t want to get stuck on page two. Well now that I’m up and about, it’s time to work on some more creative things, and relax a bit.  If I get bored, I know what to do.

Happy creative endeavors.

P.S. I still have those essays to work on.


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