Weekend is for Restoration

My allergies went into a mad attack mode, and beat on me relentlessly. The past week’s been quite miserable, and that has made all actions besides laying down sucky.  Fortunately I got me some Allegra D and that’s been a tremendous relief. All I can say is before the Allegra D, I was stuff, then runny, then stuffy again, and all yucky.  Yesterday consisted with me getting a much needed nap and waking up feeling better.

Did some writing in spite of this woe, a new short story.  I needed something I didn’t have to over think, and could write till I needed to stop. I kept writing, and in my head I know a scene has to go, but writing it out made me feel better. We’ll see where this go. I’d love to get back to the stuff I was working on, but recovery first.  I do know the sign that I’m on the mend is my desire to play video games. I’m looking at you Final Fantasy XIII. Mainly cause I always wanted to finish this game, and it seems to go on forever.  I dare say the flashbacks in FF XIII are roughly unfun to watch, but I’m a complete this sucker.

Gotta keep my mind working and activities. Laundry is on the list.

Happy creative endeavors.


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