Flu Shot

A couple of months ago I got a flu shot.  It seemed simple, although it cost me some money, and I was a bit strapped for cash at the time, but my family convinced me that it was a wise decision to get the shot since it was at a discount, and since if I got the flu I’d be a mess ( not working or taking care of myself). I was sold. I got the shot and prayed I didn’t experience any side effects.  Which I didn’t. Thank God.  No chills, fever, aches, pains, or feelings of weakness.

Flash forward to this month, and a few students and staff have the flu, flu-like symptoms, or are with some kind of sickness. Quite frankly it neither looks or sounds pretty. I imagine the experience is far, far worse.  I haven’t had the flu in ages, thank God, and I’m fortunate that I didn’t catch the yuckiness. People’ve asked me if I feel sick.  I’ve replied with a solid “no,” and meant it.  So today as I try to get a second bottle of water before a meal, I’m grateful I didn’t get sick.  I pray that I don’t get sick, and I wish others a speedy recovery from any illness.

Today I’m gonna peep some movies.  In the mood for action, but also trying a few films friends recommended  and I ope their fun.  I want to spend this day enjoying the fact that I can relax and simply be happy. Otherwise it’s going to be a long day of boredom. Been focused on absurd and nonsense ideas of late.  Jotted notes down.

Happy creative endeavors.


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