Brain Work With Me

Mornings feel like challenges sometimes. Late to bed last night.  Semi-awake early, and not wanting to be up.  Watched Saturday cartoons on a Sunday in bed.  not a bad way to wake up. Weird dreams about matching outfits that were not me. I loathe these dreams.  Also I crash landed an airplane on a highway.  That makes no sense as I would have hit all the light posts  but it did happen.  This is my mind doling out stuff.

By all rights this should be a lazy day followed by a couple of movies and TV shows. As I revise this post before publishing I realize that I need to relax and enjoy this day.  There are some random thoughts I need to jot down, and writing is on the way.

Can’t say I’m fond of my schedule shifts, as I try to pin down time before and after work to get things done.  Sometimes I’m simply discombobulated, and need to decompress.

My head’s outta the game, and I ed it to get back in so I can win at this thing called creativity. Kinda in a slump and I need to drink some water  and relax. Writing seems to not want to work on the weekends, but I really want to write something, even if it’s a couple of pages.  perhaps I should update my notes.  that usually gets me in a certain frame of mind. Trying not to start any new projects till I handle my current ones, but ideas are things I need to keep notes on, or risk losing them. Feel and hear that static? That’s me not doing much.

Perhaps it’s time to get into the pilot’s seat and simply fly the plane.  I tore up a dreamscape last night.  Let’s not tear up my metaphorical one while I’m awake.  So in all this writing, I’ve learned that this is a take charge kinda day. I buried it beneath my sluggish morning.  Perhaps I’ll read something.

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