Too Many Dreams, or My Mind’s Afire

So, I woke up earlier than expected. I had a horror dream, and it rocked me from my sleep. All I knew, when I opened my eyes, was it was morning, and in spite of being far earlier than what I set my alarm clock too, it was time to get up.

As much as I love to discuss the psyche in films, decoding my own seems to prove difficult. All I can tell you about this dream is I was at a fancy home with people who were eating at a large table and one of the eater’s head started spinning around like in the Exorcist.

I yelled”Oh shit,” while everyone kept eating.

One person whispered to me, “shut the fuck up,” and they all kept eating. Some attendants removed the head spinning eater from the table and took him wherever.

I gathered my things, ready to leave. I was looking for socks in a dresser. my feet were cold. Suddenly I noticed the attendants closing the blinds in the dining room, and it got dark. It made me feel uncomfortable, and I could not trust that someone wasn’t next to leave the table. My sense of horror cliches and standards really got the best of me.

That’s when I woke up.

Before that dream I dreamt I was watching this raunchy vagabond run from one place to the next. Before that was some nutcase trying to vandalize a store and steal from it while screaming she’s being assaulted when she got caught.

Maybe I shouldn’t eat popcorn before bedtime.


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