To Wait Upon Hand and Foot

I shed no tears for the days past as time washes past and away.

I live in the new, and make my peace.

I’m not the person you knew.

Though I look the same; fresh haircut, same goofy smile, and a wicked sense of humor.

Today was a day I purchased something that couldn’t be bought,

Yet I paid with time, experience, and patience.

Such a beautiful thing, a wealthy man would sell his soul to own,

and a poor man could live a thousand lives to possess and fail with every incarnation

Some things can never be taken, or given.

it must be earned,

forged through my pains, heartbreaks, and triumphs

Where sorrow and joy crash like waves on a cliff,

Never ceasing in its intensity.

One prays for the blessings.

One waits hand and foot on time.

And in one beautiful instant,

Time shines down on me.


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