So I got up far earlier than planned today.  This was supposed to be my “sleep late” day, but that was not fated to happen.  Got up, handled some business, and then half-assed some ideas for a story. I was a bit distracted by TV, and the internet. As time passed, I wanted to relax more and more. Procrastination really knows how to take hold of me, and refuses to shake me loose. Now that I turned the TV off, and I want to do something creative, here’s what I plan. I jotted some stuff in my apps late last night I’d like to get into a word file if possible.  During yesterday’s lunch break I free flowed some dialog I have yet to add to my screenplay, and there’s no better time than now.

Todays pathetic free flow may be the start of a short story, or the beginning of a novel. I don’t know as I failed to keep writing. As always, if at first I don’t succeed, try again. This time put a page worth of effort before I allow myself to stop writing. I feel if I had my sleep as planned this would be much, much easier.  Screenplay , here I come.

Happy creative endeavors, all.


2 thoughts on “Weekend

    • Hello Paul,

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. Writing’s something that I have to practice, and keep doing, or it’s just a collection of words. Also it’s a new year so I hope to seek publishing some of this material. Goals, goals, goals!!!

      Good luck with your blog.

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